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Free Planner Printables: Daily Inserts (Personal Size)

Hello! Happy 2019!

I’ve finally completed my first planner set up of the year, hooray! I’m sure a lot of you came here after watching the video, but just in case, here’s the my YouTube video sharing this set up:

Before I set this one up, however, I had worked hard on another set up, which was for my eldest sister. She requested a planner all set up like one of mine for Christmas, and I was more that happy to oblige.

One of the things she wanted in her planner were some daily inserts like she’d seen in one of my A5 planners, but I didn’t have/couldn’t find any that were quite right, so I made some!


And I liked them so much, I edited them slightly, and put them in my planner too (it’s shown in the video but for my own planner I changed the ‘to call/email’ section to ‘priorities’). Then I thought, why not share the love? So I’m sharing these inserts with you too as free printables.

before downloading these free printables, please read the information and terms and conditions at the bottom of this post.

As with all my personal size planner printables they are designed to print double sided onto A4 paper, and there are faint grey lines to show you where to cut them down to size. To print double sided select ‘flip on the short side’ in your printer settings. I also recommend setting your print quality to ‘high’. To download, simply click on the files below.

Personal Dailies Ver 1. (with the ‘to call/email’ box)

Personal Dailies Ver 2. (with the ‘priorities’ box)

I hope you like them! Feel free to contact me (there’s a contact section at the top of the page) if you have any questions or any problems with downloading or printing. I will do my best to help but do not promise to be able to solve all problems!

Grace @ms.paperlover ❤

  • These free printable downloads are solely intended for personal use, and are not to be copied, redistributed, or sold in any way.
  • The design and layout of these inserts are purely my own creation, and are not to be reproduced.
  • If you do use the inserts and share them on any form of social media, please either tag me or link back to this blog, both as credit to me but also so that others who might want to use them can find them.

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