My name is Grace, and I’m a late-twenty-something, self-confessed-paper-addict, and crazy cat lady from the South East Coast of England.

I’ve been a stationery obsessed arty-crafty person ever since I could hold a pen. I can’t get enough of the stuff; and one of the other things I love so much is to share that passion. So I’ve been actively YouTubing- and Instagramming- my paper obsession since the latter part of 2015. You can find the links to my YouTube and Instagram via those little buttons under my logo at the top of the page.

I do planners, scrapbooking, card making, creative journaling… just all the papercrafty things. I never do anything ‘by the book’, and always endeavour to be a little bit different in both my creative and personal style. I’ve set this blog up as an addition to my YouTube channel, but there will sometimes be extra bits here, or more details about things I’ve done video processes or tutorials for.

You stay classy paper lovers, and thanks for stopping by.